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Omar Is An Asshole

The Wedding

You'll never walk alone

Oh my... you can guess who's writing this....

Long stories (six years, six months) made short (as long as you're willing to read this shit)....

Two months before the Second Annual Hermosa Beach Memorial Day Weekend Bash at the Sea Sprite Motel (which had been planned for almost a year... seriously), Kirstin mentioned to Simon that it would be groovy to get married in California over the Memorial Day weekend, when a lot of their friends would be there sharing the stupidity (and ballsacks, maybe?) of that first weekend....

Simon, upon hearing the news, called his good friend Jon (Drunk Jon) who confided in him an amazing secret: "California is the only place that you can buy the sedatives necessary (over the counter, too, dude) to make Kirstin agree to do just about anything...."

"Cowabunga, dude!" said Bart Simpson in a pathetic attempt by these Web authors to get funding by Murdoch's wonderful Fox empire....

And so Matt & Pino & Karl & Kirstin & Simon & Gary & Lana & Jon & Megan & Andi flew to California to meet Dano & Adrienne & Dave & Robyn and our very special surprise guests (Heather & Dave)... and some of them knew and some of them didn't, but eventually we all gathered at Lifeguard Station No. 19, Hermosa Beach, California, 9021-something, to witness what most said "wouldn't... couldn't... shouldn't" happen, but it did (about 30 minutes later than expected, but at least Simon wasn't nervous)... and we thank all those who showed up to hang with Dave & Robyn in Hermosa (and at the Sea Sprite) who got to see a wedding without much notice because you guys are our friends (even though Simon still hates you motherfuckers), and because you made our day even cooler than we imagined....

If these pictures are lame to you, you're a fucking idiot. You missed a great day....

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The Bride's butt... and she's kicking up a heel at the thought of marrying Simon (or wishing that she hadn't believed Simon when he said that Willyard was a fag
Yes, dammit! My sneakers match my jacket.
What the fuck have I done?
No.... You call my parents.
The Maid of Honor (Wetsuit Lana) and The Bride.... The two coolest chicks in the world... they just won't 'hook up' for Simon.
Hey Mum... guess what we just did?
Go on, luv... give us a kiss.
Do you have any idea how much we owe Citibank?

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