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Omar Is An Asshole

The Wedding, Part Deux

Walk on, walk on...

So... what's the deal with Back-up Matt?

Even though the Second Annual Hermosa Beach Memorial Day Weekend Bash at the Sea Sprite Motel was about friends hanging with friends, there was still a wedding (that had been rather hastily arranged) to be attended (and a thousand "thank you's" to Robyn & Dave for scouting out the location, getting us our table at Hennessey's after the wedding, and for being bloody great friends)....

But what would happen if one of the betrothed-to-be's realized the folly of their way? If the wedding party were suddenly one short of a bride or a groom?


Truly, though: Matthew Scott Bentle just happens to be the most beautiful man ever to grace this good earth... and how his beauty shone through when he agreed (relatively sober, too) that he would "fill in" for either a missing bride or groom. (It wasn't much of a secret that both bride and groom were more than willing to "walk the aisle" or "stumble across the sand" to marry Matt.)

And, yes... those pictures of Matt & Simon kissing weren't staged.... They do that all the time.... (And Simon thought that "The Lost One" was a fag?)

However, as you'll notice, the bride & groom decided that they were meant to be.... But we still thank Matt for being willing to be our "Back Up Groom/Bride."

Another set of thanks go to Drunk Jon for extended use of his cellphone so that Simon & Kirstin could call their parents and tell them that they just got married. ("Why?" "Why not?" -- the conversation between Simon and his dad.)

More thanks are extended to the staff of Hennessey's for always-great service on the rooftop patio, and for the free round of 20-plus Lemon Drop shots for the apres-wedding party....

And special thanks to Dano (from most of us, but especially Matt & Simon) for the round of Jagermeister shots that immediately followed the Lemon Drop shots.

Dave (The Best Man) toasted the shell-shocked couple with a short & sweet speech, and everyone was smiling & drinking & grinning & drinking & laughing & drinking....

.... And then it was off to the beach for more mimosas and beers....

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Karl, Robyn, Dave, Pino, Simon, Matt, Kirstin, Lana, Jon, Dano, Adrienne, Gary, Dave, Heather, Megan, Andi
Dave, Simon, Kirstin and Lana
OK... who's drinking our bottle of fucking champagne?
Is my head shiny?
C'mon girls... it's not fucking poisoned.
No... I'm not pregnant.
That sand's really beginning to bother my boys.
I guess this is the only way we'll be able to face each other after this morning.